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The Hydropath Technology is class-leading water treatment or water de-scaling systems.

The Hydropath technology will save energy costs in a environmentally friendly way. Our water treatment products are used around the world, are extremely efficient, easy to install, chemical free and maintenance free.

Our systems provide de-scaling, prevent limescale formation and make great cost savings.


Save on your energy cost!
    Protect your equipment!
        Protect the environment!



  • Prevent & remove limescale

  • Protect heat exchangers and cooling towers

  • Maintenance Free just fit and forget

  • Effective on all types of pipe work

  • Easy to install No plumbing

  • Environmentally friendly No chemicals!

More on Industrial & Commercial products
  • Prevent & remove limescale

  • Provides whole house protection

  • Extend the life of the appliances

  • Easy to install No maintenance

  • Environmentally friendly No chemicals!

More on Domestic products

  • Application is for commercial steamrooms, & any small commercial steam application

  • Prevents scale forming

  • No maintenance costs

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  • Reduce time spent cleaning and maintaining your pool and spa

  • Improve energy and water efficiency and improve water clarity

  • Reduce water charges, energy costs, and chemical usage

  • Reduce bacteriological readings

  • Reduce the smell of chlorine in and around the pool

  • Maintenance free no chemicals!

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